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What I did

Product Design

I helped Trexcelerator to redesign their Transformation board in a way to improve the user experience.

Web Design

The web design process included guidance for the copy and consultancy to provide clarity in a reatively new market.

Web Development

I developed both the The Front-End and Back-End development using Webflow and custom code.

Product Design

Trexcelerator’s mission is to create a tool that helps companies to easily transform their business model.

Step 1

I participated on a transformation training with the Trexcelerator team to see how they are helping businesses.

Step 2

Together with the Trexcelerator team, we establish the personas and ideate a few hypotethical case studies based on their years of experience.

Step 3

My approach was to design the board in a way to augment the training and help people to easily visualise each step in the transaformation process using gamification.

Step 4

I design new icons and a new board system inspired by “Business Model Canvas”.

Step 5

The final step was to design the transformation board.

Web Design

Trexcelerator’s website needed to communicate the just the product features and also the benefits of the transformation. So I focused on creating a website that shows the value of using Trexcelerator Transformation Board and Trexcelerator Training by explaining how this process can make your business model more effective.

My Web Design Checklist

Help People
Clear Offer
Get more clients,
Helping other people find their mission, reach their goals — in health, business, or personal mission — is your special gift.
Clear CTA

Product Features

Show people the benefits of using the Trexcelerator Transformation Board

How it Works

Show people how the transformation journey works.


My process starts by creating a moodboard and wireframes to ensure everyone understands what is going to be built and how. For Trexcelerator, I created wireframes that reveal how the wesbite was going to be structured for a great user flow.

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